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Brakes fail, tires blow, and seat belts unexplainably unbuckle, all because a vehicle has a defective part. At The Edwards Law Firm, we investigate and litigate injury accidents that may have been caused by poor vehicle design or defective parts. These include tire failures, car and van rollovers, faulty brakes, gas tank fires, seat belt failures, and other signs of defects and negligence.

Our Corpus Christi auto defect attorneys have won important victories for our clients against the manufacturers responsible for these defects. We use our skills and experience to ensure defective car parts are brought to light and designs are fixed or changed so no one else is injured. Uncovering vehicle defects and design flaws, and fixing them, protects everyone.

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Airbag Failures

As one of the most important safety features in any vehicle, properly working airbags can prevent serious injuries during a collision. A defective airbag, however, can have deadly consequences for both the driver and passengers. The problem occurs when the airbags fail to deploy after a collision or deploy in a dangerous way.

Sometimes, failure is attributed to faulty installation by the manufacturer or to defects in the airbags themselves resulting in mechanical failure. If an airbag failure occurs in a pre-owned car, careful inspection and investigation may be needed to ensure that all safety components are in working order.

Brake System Failures

The brakes in your vehicle are made up of many moving parts, each requiring the other to work properly to bring you safely to a stop. When driving with a defective brake system, you may not notice any difference until it is too late. Corrosive conditions can cause brake lines to snap, and improper installation can render a brake system useless.

Restraint Systems

Proper use of a car's restraint systems can be the difference between life and death in case of an accident. When used as directed, seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury to front seat passengers by 45%. When the design or installation of a restraint system proves faulty, serious injury can occur. Our Corpus Christi auto product liability attorneys make sure that manufacturers are held accountable for their passenger safety systems.

Acceleration Issues

Picture this: you're traveling down the highway at 60 miles per hour and attempt to slow down by easing on the brakes, but you continue to careen down the road with no stopping in sight. Unfortunately, this scenario played out in real-life for many car owners in recent years.

The accelerator on many car models would stick, causing drivers to panic as their car revved out of control. In the ensuing investigation, the auto manufacturer admitted knowledge of the defect but chose to ignore it in an effort to avoid the expense of nationwide recall. With our successful track record of holding auto manufacturers accountable for lives and property damaged and promoting safety and change within the auto industry, we are prepared to represent you against these large corporations and make a difference that can save lives.

Vehicle Steering System Errors

Steering system errors pose a dangerous threat to drivers and others on the road. In many cases, the steering wheel locks up, preventing the operator from avoiding collisions with obstacles, other vehicles, and pedestrians.

Much like the acceleration problems mentioned above, steering errors are often acknowledged but ignored by automakers in order to avoid costly recalls. This cost-cutting measure is harmful to motorists and pedestrians who may be unaware of potential risks with steering system errors. In order to have your voice heard, you need a knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in holding auto manufacturers accountable and bringing change to the automobile industry.

Tire Defects

The Edwards Law Firm has extensive experience in tire defect cases. Tires are the only point of contact on the road between you and your vehicle, so it is important for them to be in good condition with minimal damage.

Sometimes, a set of tires may seem to be working fine, but small manufacturing defects can cause severe damage to you and your vehicle in the event of a blowout or loss of tread. The Edwards Law Firm has successfully tried numerous cases against big tire corporations such as Goodyear and Michelin, influencing safety standards in manufacturing. If you were a victim of defective tires that caused a serious injury, let our attorneys handle the corporations on your behalf.


Although this may not seem like a desirable trait to have when searching for a vehicle, "crashworthiness" refers to the ability of a vehicle to prevent injuries to drivers and passengers in the event of an accident.

Crashworthiness cases may involve:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Lack of proper warnings

When making the decision to purchase a vehicle, thorough research and inspections are needed to ensure that the vehicle meets all safety standards.

Ignition System Defects

Ignition system defects arise when vehicles are fitted with faulty ignition switches that allow the engine to shut off while driving, sometimes resulting in an accident and serious injuries. In any case, you have rights that are protected under law, and The Edwards Law Firm has the experience and knowledge needed to bring cases against the automakers at fault for injuries and deaths.

Post-Collision Fuel-Fed Fires

In the aftermath of an accident, the danger is far from over. When flammable fluids combust, drivers and passengers can be seriously hurt, especially if they are already injured from the collision. After many avoidable deaths that occurred as a result of fuel fires following an accident, manufacturers have changed gas tank design and placement in most modern vehicles. The only way to influence these corporations is through careful research and the pursuit of personal injury lawsuits. Allow The Edwards Law Firm to review your case and spur the manufacturer to make necessary changes that will keep other motorists safer in their vehicles.

Door Latch Failures

In 2015, a large automobile manufacturer issued a recall for more than 150,000 vehicles that experienced a malfunction with the door latch. The door would come unlatched and strike the driver or passenger and sometimes cause exterior damage to the car and other objects around it.

The manufacturer denied any problems with their car doors, but the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration) discovered the issue after an investigation nearly a year before the official recall was announced. What may seem like an isolated incident could have far-reaching effects with other models in production. With newfound legal attention from the lawsuits, the company was forced to make the necessary changes to keep their consumers safe. We have experience dealing with the large companies, holding them accountable and forcing them to put safety before profits.

Choose The Edwards Law Firm for Experienced Legal Counsel

We have won important victories for our clients against the manufacturers responsible for serious defects. We use our skills and experience to ensure defective car parts are brought to light and designs are fixed or changed so no one else is injured. Uncovering vehicle defects and design flaws protects everyone.

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