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Nueces County Defective Product Lawyers for Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts and Defects

Motor vehicles contain many different parts, and when equipment fails or does not work correctly, this can lead to dangerous car accidents and serious injuries. Tires are among the most important components of a vehicle, and if they are defective, they may cause a driver to lose control and collide with other vehicles or obstacles. These accidents can cause serious harm to a driver, people in other vehicles, or anyone else involved in a collision. People who suffer injuries due to defective tires may be able to pursue compensation through a product liability lawsuit against a tire manufacturer or installer.

At The Edwards Law Firm, our lawyers have a strong understanding of the laws that affect product liability cases, and we have helped victims recover compensation in multiple types of cases involving defective products. We provide our clients with over 100 combined years of experience in personal injury matters, ensuring that they have a knowledgeable legal advocate who will stand up to negligent product manufacturers or other parties who were responsible for their injuries.

Accidents and Injuries Caused by Defective Tires

Our attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding a car wreck to determine whether defective tires may have played a role. We regularly work with accident reconstructionists and other experts to evaluate the various issues that affected a crash, identify equipment failures, and establish liability by product manufacturers or other parties. We assist with cases involving:

  • Tire blowouts - Manufacturing defects may cause a tire to explode, and blowouts may also occur due to overinflation of a tire by an installer or mechanic. In some cases, exploding tires may lead to a rollover accident. When blowouts occur while a vehicle is traveling at a high speed, a driver may lose control and collide with other vehicles or objects.
  • Tread separation - The treads of a tire may become detached from the tire's body, and this may occur due to defects in a tire's design or problems in the manufacturing process. Tread separation that occurs while a vehicle is in motion is likely to lead to a loss of control. Pieces of a tire may also strike other vehicles or people, leading to injuries or property damage.
  • Improper tire installation or repair - In some cases, tires may become damaged because they were not mounted on a vehicle's wheels correctly, or an installer may use tires that are not appropriate for a certain vehicle. If the proper procedures are not followed when repairing punctures or retreading a tire, this may cause the tire to fail, leading to car accidents.
  • Other defects - In some cases, tires may be designed defectively, and they may not provide the proper traction to ensure that a driver will be able to brake, negotiate curves, or travel safely in traffic. Manufacturing defects may occur if tires were made using the wrong materials or if the correct procedures were not followed to ensure that tires met all design specifications, and these defects may cause a tire to fail, resulting in accidents and injuries.

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Tires are a crucial component of any car or truck, and if they are defective, they can cause dangerous accidents and serious injuries to a vehicle's occupants, people in other vehicles, or anyone else involved in a collision. Our firm works to ensure that manufacturers of defective tires or any other parties who were responsible for tire blowouts or other types of tire-related accidents are held liable for victims' injuries. To set up a free consultation with an experienced attorney, contact us at 361-320-6752. We provide legal help with defective product cases in Robstown, Portland, Alice, Kingsville, Rockport, Aransas Pass, Nueces County, Port Aransas, and Corpus Christi.


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