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Nueces County Truck Crash Attorneys for Victims Injured in 18-Wheeler Wrecks

18-wheeler trucks and other commercial vehicles are involved in auto accidents far too frequently. These collisions often cause serious or catastrophic injuries to people in other vehicles, motorcyclistspedestrians, or anyone else who may have been involved. Trucking companies ensure that large numbers of commercial vehicles are transporting cargo on roads throughout the United States, and these vehicles operate at all hours of the day and night. When these companies or other parties involved fail to follow the proper safety regulations or otherwise act in ways that are negligent or unsafe, victims may be able to take action to hold them liable for their injuries and damages.

Cases involving commercial truck wrecks can be very complicated, and it is important for victims to secure representation from an attorney who has experience in these matters. At The Edwards Law Firm, our team has the resources needed to properly investigate the circumstances surrounding a truck accident, establish liability, and pursue litigation against large trucking companies. With over 100 years of combined legal experience and a successful track record representing victims of truck accidents and other types of injuries, we are fully prepared to help our clients take the steps to pursue the compensation they deserve.

Assistance for Victims of Truck Wrecks

With our experience in cases involving complex personal injury cases, we ensure that our clients understand the commercial truck accident liability issues that may need to be addressed. By performing an investigation following an accident, we can determine whether a trucking company can be held liable for the actions of a truck driver or any other forms of negligence, and we will identify any other parties that may be liable, such as companies that failed to perform the proper maintenance on a truck or load cargo properly.

We assist with multiple types of truck accident cases, including those involving:

  • Driver fatigue - Truck drivers can become drowsy or tired after spending long hours on the road, and this can cause them to lose control of their vehicles and collide with others. We can help address hours of service violations or other issues related to truck driver fatigue.
  • Speeding and aggressive driving - Truck drivers may exceed speed limits in order to deliver cargo as quickly as possible, or they may commit other violations that affect the safety of other people on the road. We work to ensure that these types of violations are addressed properly when pursuing compensation for truck accident injuries.
  • Drunk driving - Truck drivers who use alcohol or drugs are likely to seriously injure other people. We work to hold trucking companies liable for their failure to ensure that drivers are acting safely and avoiding drug or alcohol use or other dangerous behavior.
  • Shifting or dropped cargo loads - Cargo that is not secured properly may shift during transit and cause a driver to lose control of a truck, or it may fall and injure people in other vehicles. We work to identify the parties responsible for these issues and ensure that they are held liable.
  • Equipment failure - Multiple systems may fail if a truck is not properly maintained or if parts are defective. We can help determine whether inspections should have identified maintenance issues or whether victims may be able to pursue product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers of defective truck parts.

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Following a truck accident, our lawyers can help victims identify negligence or wrongdoing by trucking companies or other parties. We will work to ensure that these companies are held liable for the damages victims have suffered. Contact our office by calling 361-320-6752 to arrange a free consultation. We provide legal help with truck crashes and injuries in Corpus Christi, Rockport, Alice, Nueces County, Robstown, Kingsville, Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, and Portland.


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