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Nueces County Truck Wreck Lawyers Helping Victims Pursue Compensation

While all motor vehicle collisions can be dangerous, commercial truck accidents can be especially deadly. 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles are very large and heavy, and they can inflict severe injuries in a collision. Most of the time, people in other vehicles bear the brunt of these accidents, and other parties may also be injured, such as motorcyclistspedestrians, or bicyclists. Victims of truck accidents have options for pursuing financial compensation for their injuries, but they will need to be aware of the laws in Texas that may affect liability in these cases.

To ensure that victims can take legal action and recover compensation for truck accident injuries, it is important to work with a lawyer who understands the applicable laws and is experienced in these types of cases. The attorneys of The Edwards Law Firm have worked with clients to address multiple types of personal injuries, and we have a successful track record in which we have obtained numerous multi-million-dollar settlements and jury verdicts for injury victims. We have been working in this area for a combined total of more than 100 years, giving us the knowledge and experience needed to help victims achieve justice following a serious injury.

Texas Laws Affecting Commercial Truck Accident Liability

Generally, a company may be held liable for the actions of its employees. If a person acted negligently while working for an employer, and another person was injured as a result, the employer may be held responsible. However, a law that was passed in Texas in 2021 may make it more difficult to hold trucking companies liable for injuries that occurred because of the negligence of commercial truck drivers.

The law in question, Texas House Bill 19, shifts liability for commercial truck accidents from trucking companies to truck drivers. A negligent truck driver may be held liable for a victim's compensatory damages, which may include the costs of their medical treatment, the income they lost because of their injuries, the damage to their vehicle or other property, and their pain and suffering.

While a trucking company may be shielded from liability for compensatory damages, they may still be held liable for "gross negligence." These types of negligence may include flagrant violations of trucking regulations or other actions by a company that put people at risk of harm. However, the law also makes it more difficult to prove this type of negligence. Evidence of a company's failure to comply with regulations will be inadmissible in these cases unless the violations were directly related to a truck accident, and records of a company's past violations will also be inadmissible. This may affect a victim's ability to demonstrate that a trucking company was responsible for an accident.

To achieve success in cases involving truck accidents and trucking company negligence, it is crucial for victims to work with an attorney who understands the best options for receiving compensation. Our lawyers can help recover compensation from negligent truck drivers and determine whether a trucking company may be held liable for gross negligence. We can also identify any other parties who may be held liable, such as the manufacturers of defective truck parts or city or state government organizations that were responsible for dangerous highway conditions.

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