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Nueces County Truck Accident Lawyers for Cases Involving Shifting or Dropped Cargo

There are multiple situations where 18-wheelers, semi-trailer trucks, and other commercial vehicles may become involved in truck accidents. While these collisions can occur because of negligent operation of a vehicle by a truck driver, there are other factors that may cause a driver to lose control of their truck or that may create hazards that affect other vehicles on the road. Issues related to the cargo carried by a truck are a common factor in truck wrecks. If cargo is not loaded or secured correctly, this can result in multiple types of collisions that may lead to severe injuries and other damages.

At The Edwards Law Firm, we know how dangerous commercial truck accidents can be, and our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to help victims receive compensation for their injuries. We have been providing representation in personal injury cases for a combined total of over 100 years, and we understand the laws that affect liability in commercial truck accident cases, as well as the strategies that victims can use to ensure that they will be fully compensated for their damages. If you have been involved in a cargo-related truck wreck, we will help you determine who was responsible, and we will fight to help you achieve justice.

Dangers of Improperly Loaded Cargo

Shipping companies should always make sure items are loaded correctly on a truck, and truck drivers should regularly inspect their cargo during transit to ensure that it is properly secured. Cargo that is not loaded properly can cause multiple issues. If items are not distributed correctly throughout a truck's trailer or cargo area, this can affect the balance of a truck, making it more difficult for the driver to control. The distribution of cargo can also affect the traction of a truck's tires and the effectiveness of its brakes. If a truck is overloaded, causing it to exceed weight limits, this can affect a driver's ability to safely operate a vehicle, or a truck may become top-heavy, increasing the chances of a rollover accident.

It is also crucial to ensure that items are secured correctly in a truck's cargo area. Straps, chains, or other devices may be needed to ensure that cargo is held in place and does not move during travel. If cargo is not properly secured, it may shift and affect a driver's ability to control a truck. Unsecured cargo may move forward when a truck is braking, making it more difficult for a driver to slow down properly. Shifting cargo may also upset the balance of a truck, causing a driver to lose control when making turns or negotiating curves.

Unsecured cargo can also present a serious danger to people in other vehicles if it falls from a truck during transit. Since commercial trucks often carry large, heavy items, cargo that falls and strikes another vehicle can cause serious injuries or wrongful death to drivers or passengers. Cargo that falls into the road can also create obstacles, and vehicles may collide with these items, or accidents may occur when drivers swerve to avoid them. When cargo falls from a truck that is traveling on a busy highway or freeway, this may result in multi-vehicle pileups that cause serious harm to multiple drivers and passengers, as well as extensive property damage.

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Our lawyers understand the dangerous nature of truck wrecks, and we are dedicated to helping victims pursue compensation from negligent trucking companies or other parties who were liable for a collision. We will help determine who was responsible for a cargo-related truck crash, and we will work to ensure that victims will be fully compensated for their injuries. Contact our firm and set up a free consultation by calling 361-320-6752. We provide legal help to truck accident victims in Corpus Christi, Robstown, Rockport, Portland, Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, Alice, Nueces County, and Kingsville.


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